this is happening

A curated resource list of what is happening in the dementia world


Alz Live | This is an online news source specific to dementia that quite literally covers every topic you could possibly dream up

finances + Planning tools

Financial Planning Guides for Dementia (US) | Because all that stuff is hard and confusing...

Dementia-friendly Community Sector Guides | Be a good human and make sure you're thinking about contributing to dementia friendliness at work.

Personal Blackbox System (US) | This record-keeping system helps organize the "who do we call?", "where do we find?" questions that arise when handling another person's affairs. 

Arts + Culture

Storii Plaform (UK) | An online archive of all your treasured moments and stories that you can build and share. They also have a great blog!

My Life Story App (US) | An app that lets you build a multi-media life story to share with caregivers, loved ones, and to use for reminescence purposes.

Playlist for Life (UK) | Provides playlist-making services + trainings. Watch the Harry & Margaret video on the home page and have tissues with you.

Music and Memory (US) | Provides personalized playlist-making services + trainings to reconnect patients through music.

Dementia-friendly vacations/holidays + Tourism for All | If you live in the UK or want to vacation there, here are some dementia-friendly R+R spots. 

Arts 4 Dementia (UK) | A great resource if you're an arts organisation looking for trainings or if you're wanting to find dementia friendly arts events.

Hilarity for Charity (US) | HFC U program encourages college students to become Alzheimer's advocates by hosting comedy fundraising events.

Gerda | A beautiful short film documentary series about Gerda, a woman diagnosed with microvascular dementia.


Dementia and Imagination (UK) | An ongoing research project on the impact of arts and dementia in the UK. 

The Alzheimer's Caregiver | Want to know the latest and greatest in academic + scientific dementia research? For a teeny tiny fee, these guys will skim it for you and deliver it to your inbox in comprehendable language. How lovely.