I want to tell the stories of people with dementia


This is my Grandma Jeanne demonstrating mad ukelele skills. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2014. Jeanne is one of my most favorite stories and this project is for her. 

Humans cannot be extracted from story.

We are story. 

Stories are powerful tools that can begin to change attitudes and perceptions. Through a set of loops in the brain, we are constantly generating a narrative in which we are the protagonist at all times. It is only through immersion in another person's story that we can momentarily step out of our own reality and into someone else's.

Since dementia eventually causes impairment to memory, communication, and focus, it is important to capture the stories of people who have it before significant decline takes place. By spotlighting the protagonists of dementia and preserving their narratives, I hope to generate a greater awareness and understanding of the ways dementia is impacting people, in a personal and dignified way. 

Are you or someone you know in the early stages of dementia?

help me hit the road

100% of donations go to travel costs so that See Through Stories can make it to the people and places that are miles and miles away.